1. Happy Earth Day! 

    (there’s a Canada Goose hiding in the image)

    (Source: andrewgregoryphotography)

  4. Recently bought a slackline on sale. Good day to be outside -set it up by the river!


  8. Little bit of nothing & little bit of something

    • Mmm… Netflix. Power watched Season 1 & 2 of House of Cards, now on to Orange is the New Black.
    • Been playing Word Forward on my Iphone-  I have an extensive vocabulary of 3 to 4 letter words. 
    • Finally went to Hardywood brewery in Richmond. I like.
    • Was on a coffee creamer binge, but back to black. 
    • Learned to re-color black and white photographs. Still practicing, but going to work on a family portrait of my mother and her siblings.
    • Actually bought a product that was advertised to me. +1 for Twitter advertising. 
    • Shot some 30 HDR photographs
    • Restoring my grandpa’s photographs. All my favorite shots have corruption on the slides. Editing nightmares.
    • Started recording the bird’s I see- currently at 19. 
    • Looked at husky rescue sites. Temptation grows.
    • Excited for spring, makes camping easier since I don’t have to carry as much in my backpack. Convinced myself a new, smaller pack is in order.
  12. My Iphone photography only comes in the form of pets.

    Started looking for a new place to live, brother is moving into the city, and invited him to find a place with us. He mentioned a place large enough for dogs and now I can’t keep stop thinking about dogs.

    Strange how the four legged companions can have such positive effects on our lives. Here’s a couple pups (and a cat) that I’ve looked after!

  13. Found a hotel to stay at while in the Tower of the Americas, who needs Google Maps when you’re in the tallest building. (Although didn’t stay in a Hyatt, more like the Red Roof Inn off in the distance)

    (Source: andrewgregoryphotography)